Friday, January 4, 2013

Sims 3 Homeless Legacy Challenge

"The Vagabonds"

A Homeless Legacy Challenge for The Sims 3

This challenge is set for 10 generations, all of which the heir and family must be homeless. The 10 generations will have randomly rolled traits and a random LTW. The next heir will be chosen as soon as the previous heir completes their LTW. There will be no furnishings allowed on their home lots except those that are required to complete their LTW (only if the objects cannot be found in the outside world). 

Name: Adriane Vagabond
Random Traits: Dislikes children, good, kleptomaniac, loser, social butterfly.
LTW: Master Magician (Done).

Generation Two (Complete): 
Name: Bobby Vagabond
Random Traits: Genius, couch potato, light sleeper, family oriented, childish.
LTW: (Chess Legend) (Done).

Generation Three: 
Name: Camille Vagabond
Random Traits: Genius, virtuoso, absent minded.
LTW: (None yet she's a teenager)

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